History of development of resorts
Such curative natural factors as medicinal plants, salt caves, mineral waters, volcano and other kinds of mud, rare oil type naphthalan have been widely used in Azerbaijan for health and preventive purposes since ancient times. Beginning from the 19th century, Azerbaijan started the scientific research of curative natural resources in different parts of the country. In the second half of the 20th century Azerbaijan already had a developed network of resorts. The system of sanatoria, recreation centres and vacation retreats created at that time embraced almost the whole of Azerbaijan. In 1970 the resorts of the Absheron peninsula, Naftalan and Istisu were included into the list of the all-Union resorts by the decision of the USSR government. Meanwhile, the modern development of the resort business has been greatly fuelled by the decree signed in 2007 by President of the Azerbaijan Republic I.Aliyev on the state program 'The resort places of Azerbaijan'.