Our main vision  is to introduce the world our health tourism traditions as a destination for new health tourism through new innovative systems and start-ups and to become a major player in the Global Tourism for Healthcare, contribution to the GHTC.
We look forward to going the positive and fruitfull results for the benefits of GHCTC members relations.
We consider that,the mutual relations will strengthen our collaboration between our health tourism sectors.
Azerbaijan has a tradition of welcoming guests from all over the world to engage them in dialogue for better understanding and peaceful cooperation. Since 2011 Azerbaijan has hosted the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, in partnership with UNAOC, UNESCO, UN World Tourism Organization, Council of Europe and ISESCO. Through this initiative known as the “Baku process”, Azerbaijan acknowledges the power of intercultural dialogue and demonstrates that such meetings bring all people closer and create the conditions for positive intercultural and inclusive relations.
Health establishments in Azerbaijan does not compete with each other.  Thus, each of them cures separate disease. Naftalan crude oil, renowned for its curative properties has no analogues not only in Azerbaijan, but all over the world.  It’s mainly used in the treatment of rheumatism, joint and bone, as well as skin and venereal diseases. Galaaltı water plays an exceptional role in the treatment of kidney stone, while Duzdagh, unique salt cave has the world's highest efficiency of curing severe forms of bronchial asthma. The marvelous Istisu spring in Masallı region helps people to cope with gastro-intestinal diseases. An interesting point is that, both Naftalan crude oil and mineral waters do not give the same effect beyond the natural source. Each of them should be promoted in the homeland. Actually, there is no any obstacle for Azerbaijan Health &Thermal Tourism Support Association to promote them. We can widely promote characteristic features of each health establishment during international events, exhibitions. Taking into consideration of all above-mentioned facts, we can surely say that the capital invested by Azerbaijani state in tourism sphere has already borne fruit.