Azerbaijan Health and Thermal Tourism Support  (AHTTSA) was created in

2013 on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic for a
more detailed study of the potential of health tourism and formation of conditions for it to
reach the world level. The union plans to popularize the famous local resorts on the world
market. One of the priority trends in the activity of the union is the policy of branding and
promotion at the international exhibitions and conferences on health tourism. Contacts have
been established with a number of foreign associations of health and recreational tourism for
implementation of these tasks. The main goal of the  association is to ensure a complex
approach to the development of the indicated health tourism potential of the country. The
association will always focus on the further strengthening of ties with the respective state
and public structures, conduction of sociological studies, topical seminars, conferences,
raising the professional level of managers and personnel of the tourism facilities.