Azerbaijan, also known as a Land of Fire, is a country of a surprising history and unique cultural heritage. One of the first assumptions was the use of the Persian word 'Aturpatakan' (literally, 'the place of sacred fire') to describe the country. Since ancient times Azerbaijan has been famous for its fireplaces, ateshgahs (the fire temples). There is a place called Yanardag (Burning mountain) in Absheron. For centuries the fire worshippers from remote countries, even the priests from India have come here in search of fire and found it in Absheron creating their main temple here in the Ateshgah of Surakhany. The discharge of oil and burning gas from under the ground to the surface in Azerbaijan has made this place famous everywhere since ancient times. Even now the first thing that comes to mind when speaking of Azerbaijan is its main wealth - oil.
The total area of Azerbaijanis 86,600 square meters. The climate, geographical structure and topography of Azerbaijan is as diverse as its cultural heritage. Thus, there are nine of eleven climatic zones in the country.
Located at the junction of Europe and Asia, it plays a role of bridge between the West and the East. Azerbaijan has once been part of the Great Silk Way.