Action plan

Health and Social Organization in Support of Thermal Tourism Action Plan for the period 2013-2015.

Name of the event

  1. Support the Health and Thermal Tourism Association (ASTTDIB) establish procedures to be completed (incorporation, legal documentation, account opening, registration, tax and other sənədləməsinin implementation, and logotipin seal of approval)
  2. Structure creation of Management (management and executive functions to be Determined)
  3. ASTTDIB create a website in different social networks prmotion phase (performance appraisal, proposals, business plan, current events)
  4. In parallel, the creation of a unified database online.
  5. Health tourism enterprises carriers. according to the classification of a number of (roosting, feeding (including diet), the range of treatment services, leisure and entertainment programs, excursions to nearby objects in an attractive frame, serving staff and management information), reflecting the creation of the catalog
  6. Azerbaijan is interested in the development of health tourism businesses and the community as a priority admission
  7. Implementation of the membership of the National NGO Forum (grant projects announced by Council)
  8. The territory of the Republic of sanatorium, resorts, health centers, spa centers, medical tourism facilities, etc., as well as mineral water, healing water sources, spa, climate, curative mud resorts, Naphthalene oil, reflecting the therapeutic salt cave and bed-basins SPECIAL HEALTH TOURISM MAP creation
  9. State programs, orders and to promote social tourism
  10. Baku and other regions, cities, companies and organizations in order to attract more tourists to the sociological survey and conducting marketing research (in relation to the treatment of their aspirations, goals, values, and a range of treatments, the characteristics of the local area, Occupations, discounts, etc.)
  11. Health tourism tourist facilities and treatment for those new effective business proposals, including the staff survey (for achievements and challenges, working principle, service, customer satisfaction, etc.)
  12. The manager and staff training in order to increase the level of preparation and organization of courses. Invitation of foreign experts (at arm's length basis). ATI and MədTurNazirliyi, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health
  13. Display in accordance with the bases Ati sanatorium and tourism college students to achieve stajirovkaların
  14. Health tourism-related scientific research and investigation of the necessary financial resources in order to stimulate sustainable practices
  15. The World Health tourism and health tourism in association with the cooperation of other countries to separate. World Health Tourism Congress on inteqrasiyaDunya family, exhibitions, symposiums, seminars and tours involved
  16. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic, Ministry of Health, EA, Trade Union Confederation, with the participation of enterprises regularly sanatorium roundtables, seminars and conferences
  17. Health tourism in the study of foreign experience and new knowledge in a number of foreign tours of cities and resort to invite foreign experts (Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Bulgaria, etc.)
  18. Union to hold a meeting once a month
  19. Provision of information to the press periodic